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Using Canva
To Create An 
Media Sheet

Are you an author looking to promote your book to the media? A media sheet is a powerful tool that can help you capture the attention of journalists and influencers. And with Canva, creating a media sheet has never been easier.


Canva offers a wide range of customizable templates that you can use to create a professional and eye-catching media sheet in just a few clicks. Whether you want to include your book cover, author bio, or social media links, Canva has all the tools you need to make a media sheet that reflects your brand and captures the essence of your book.


Plus, with Canva's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you don't need to be a design expert to create a stunning media sheet that will impress your audience. So why wait? Sign up for Canva today and start creating a media sheet that will help you promote your book and reach a wider audience.

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Join The Workshop

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The Canva Workshop

May 25th from 6 PM-7:30 PM CST

Our Canva Workshop is an interactive and hands-on learning experience that will teach you everything you need to know to create a media sheet using Canva. During this workshop, you will learn:

  1. The basics of Canva: You will learn how to navigate Canva's platform and understand the different tools and features available.

  2. Choosing a media sheet template: You will learn how to choose a media sheet template that fits your style and preferences.

  3. Customizing your media sheet: You will learn how to add your book cover, author bio, and other relevant information, as well as how to change the colors, fonts, and layout to match your brand or style.

  4. Adding images: You will learn how to use Canva's library of free images and illustrations, as well as how to upload your own images to make your media sheet visually appealing and help it stand out.

  5. Including social media links: You will learn how to add links to your social media accounts to make it easier for the media to find and connect with you.

  6. Reviewing and saving your media sheet: You will learn how to review your media sheet for any errors or inconsistencies before saving it in a format that can be easily shared, such as a PDF.

  7. Sharing your media sheet: You will learn how to attach your media sheet to an email or post it on your website or social media accounts, as well as how to promote your media sheet to increase its visibility and maximize your chances of getting media coverage.

Our workshop is designed to be interactive, so you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get feedback on your media sheet. By the end of the workshop, you will have a professional and eye-catching media sheet that you can use to promote your book to the media and potential readers. So why wait? Sign up for our Canva Workshop today and take your book promotion to the next level.⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Strength in Roots

From a “fresh and fun new voice in women’s fiction”: a divorcee finds her voice and courage thanks to an account of war and survival out of her family history.

Patricia Moore is coming of age. The age is menopause. And she might not survive it.

Her growing pains include not only hot flashes but sharp pangs of loneliness. Her daughter is away at college. Her dear Sheltie, Zoomie, still loves her ex-husband, who’s got new muscles and a new girlfriend. And then there are the sudden, teenage-hormone levels of lust she feels for her psychotherapist.

She’s wound up in therapy because of her abusive work situation: her boss is evil, and one of her alternative education students has attacked Patti in the classroom, leaving her almost voiceless.

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