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Our reputation is EVERYTHING! What better way to grow your brand's visibility than through the power of a genuine collaboration? This powerful tool is often overlooked and overpriced-so we at The Mediacasters are initiating a free collaboration forum where you can get HONEST reviews, swap trailers, get your books read and build your presence on Google (for free).  All it takes is a pinch of sweat equity, the fortitude to do what you promise and the magic of casting media to the universe

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The Power Of Collaboration

Why Collaborate? 

Simply put, collaboration is a marketing arm that can grow your business and brand. Collaboration is an essential tool of networking that does not have to cost anything but time and dedicadation. 

For newly minted entrepreneurs, authors, podcasters, and creatives a genuine collaboration can lead to honest Google reviews, book reviews, guesting exposure, trailers swaps, and more!  If you are open to donating your time to another creative or entrepreneur and would love to elevate the visibility of your brand, sign up today!

Our Services


You will receive a curated Media 1 sheet to share with prospective podcast hosts. 

The Pitch

We will do the research to find targeted podcasts for you to guest on. We guarantee 4-5 strategic guest spots for you monthly.


You will receive podcast guest training so your message is unforgettable.


BONUS: We will send out a strategic press release guaranteed to be picked up by 10 media outlets.

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