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Think of PR as the vehicle that builds brand recognition in the masses. The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations as "a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.”

Public relations is the dance between a company, corporation, brand, or business with the media. Public relations curates nuanced interactions between messaging and the media. 

An excellent public relations firm will execute the market research,  fine-tune your branding story and weave the power of your vision into a newsworthy space. 

Public relations creates visibility. Public relations gives you the opportunity to engage with a hungry audience who craves your product or service. 

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Our PR Services


You will receive a curated Media One Sheet to share with media and journalists. This is a powerful tool to create a memorable pitch. 

The Pitch

We will do the research to find targeted media spots,interviews, collaborations and press for your brand or business


You will receive speaker training from TEDx-trained professionals. 


BONUS: We will send out a strategic press release guaranteed to be picked up by 10 media outlets.

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Create A Buzz!

You or your business are a brand. Period.  In order to define yourself amongst the competition, you need a honed strategy.  We reverse engineer your goals and create a blueprint to optimize your brand's story.


Services Include:

Brand Strategy


Media Relations

Content Creation and Development

Influencer Relations

Event Strategy

SEO Optimization

Social Media Strategy and Creation 

Press Releases

Media Bookings

Podcast Bookings

Community Outreach

Charitable Collaborations

Event Planning

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