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The Power of Your Voice Will Change The World

Fine-tune your speaking skills and elevate your message.

The fear of public speaking is real. Yet, if you are an author or entrepreneur you need to be able to convey your message in a compelling way.


Speaking on stage or to a potential client is a powerful tool to win over an audience and become a person of influence. Speaking is the secret sauce to growing your audience and positioning yourself as an expert! The best part of public speaking is that you have the power to generate a sizable income. 

What You Will Gain For our Speakers Workshop

  • Get over your fear of public speaking

  • Learn how to command a stage and engage your audience

  • Craft a compelling story that will make you unforgettable

  • Learn how to pitch yourself and where to find speaking gigs

The workshop is led by TEDx-trained speaker Julie Riga and brand expert Julie Lokun. 

Sign Up For Our Workshop

May 6th: 10 am- 12 pm CST

Join public speaking experts Julie Riga, MBA, and Julie Lokun, JD for a power-packed session that will give you the fundamental tools to confidently speak in public.  This intimate course will set you up to succeed and start you on the path to monetizing your brand's message with authority. 

AND--don not hesitate to join if you are shy or introverted or have a terrible fear of public speaking. This is a safe place where you can ask questions or simply listen. 



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The Power of Your Voice

Speak with confidence. Command Your Audience

The fear of public speaking ranks close to the fear of death. We understand sweaty palms,  shaky voices, and resistance to speaking in front of an audience. 

However, we know the power of taking your message to the masses. Public speaking is a facilitator of visibility, engagement, and monetization. 

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Learn how to launch, grow and monetize your podcast with this comprehensive guide. 

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A plant-based lifestyle can be delicious. Learn the secret recipes of an award-winning vegan baker. 

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Give yourself grace on your health journey and stop dieting today. 

Our Books

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If you are a passionate coach who is struggling to find clients, Hustle Smart is a comprehensive guide on how to build and scale your coaching business. Master Coach Julie Lokun, JD, shares her fool-proof approach to sustain a 6-figure business in less than a year. She shares her tips and her go-to resources that allowed her to quit her day job and take her coaching business to unimaginable heights.

If you are a coach who is looking for strategies to increase your stream of clients on a lean marketing budget Hustle Smart is an actionable guide that walks you through each step with detailed clarity.

Detailed Business Plan Guide
Legalities Of Running A Coaching Business
Social Media + SEO Strategies
Guide To ClubHouse
Online Visibility
Client Engagement
Branding Of Your Coaching Business
How To Make Consistent Sales
and MORE!

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