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Join Julie Lokun, Founder of The Mediacasters, as she invites you to learn the tricks of the trade in creating a media presence for your brand, your book and your business. 

During this one-day class, you will learn the strategies and techniques that go into crafting an effective pitch that catches the attention of podcast hosts and media outlets. You will learn how to research and target the right podcasts and media outlets that align with your brand and messaging, as well as how to tailor your pitch to their specific needs and interests. 


In addition to learning about the art of pitching, you will also have the opportunity to practice pitching to podcasts during the class. This hands-on experience will allow you to receive feedback from Julie and your peers, helping you refine your pitch and build confidence in your ability to effectively communicate your message to media outlets.

To further enhance your media outreach efforts, you will also learn how to create a press kit that gets attention. This includes developing a strong brand narrative, crafting compelling messaging, and selecting visuals and other multimedia elements that help to tell your story in a powerful and engaging way.

By the end of this media class, you will have the tools and knowledge needed to effectively pitch to podcasts and media outlets, as well as a strong press kit to support your outreach efforts. You will leave the class feeling empowered and ready to take your brand, book, or business to the next level of visibility and success.

July 20th from 5pm-7(ish)pm CST  $49.99

Thanks for submitting! You Will Receive Link To The Event 48 Hours Prior! Please reach out with any questions!

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Courting media outlets can be a valuable strategy for authors, creatives, and entrepreneurs looking to gain visibility and build their brands. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Reach a wider audience: Media outlets, such as podcasts, magazines, newspapers, and blogs, have established audiences that are interested in their content. By appearing on or in these outlets, you can reach a wider audience that you may not have been able to reach on your own.

  2. Build credibility: Being featured in media outlets can help to establish you as an expert in your field and build your credibility. It can also help to validate your work and your brand, which can be especially important for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  3. Generate buzz: Media coverage can help to generate buzz around your brand, book, or business. It can create excitement and interest in what you have to offer and can lead to increased sales and opportunities.

  4. SEO benefits: Media coverage can also have SEO benefits, as it can help to improve your website's search engine ranking. When media outlets link back to your website or social media profiles, it can signal to search engines that your content is valuable and relevant.

Overall, courting media outlets can be a powerful way to gain visibility, build credibility, generate buzz, and improve your online presence. It can take time and effort to build relationships with media outlets and effectively pitch your story, but the potential benefits make it a worthwhile strategy to consider.

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Learn how to launch, grow and monetize your podcast with this comprehensive guide. 

Chasing Vegan by Mika Altidor.png

A plant-based lifestyle can be delicious. Learn the secret recipes of an award-winning vegan baker. 

Obsessed With Mindful Eating Book and Obsessed Podcast.png

Give yourself grace on your health journey and stop dieting today. 

Our Books

Strength in Roots

From a “fresh and fun new voice in women’s fiction”: a divorcee finds her voice and courage thanks to an account of war and survival out of her family history.

Patricia Moore is coming of age. The age is menopause. And she might not survive it.

Her growing pains include not only hot flashes but sharp pangs of loneliness. Her daughter is away at college. Her dear Sheltie, Zoomie, still loves her ex-husband, who’s got new muscles and a new girlfriend. And then there are the sudden, teenage-hormone levels of lust she feels for her psychotherapist.

She’s wound up in therapy because of her abusive work situation: her boss is evil, and one of her alternative education students has attacked Patti in the classroom, leaving her almost voiceless.

Hustle Smart_The Ultimate Guide eBook (2).jpg

If you are a passionate coach who is struggling to find clients, Hustle Smart is a comprehensive guide on how to build and scale your coaching business. Master Coach Julie Lokun, JD, shares her fool-proof approach to sustain a 6-figure business in less than a year. She shares her tips and her go-to resources that allowed her to quit her day job and take her coaching business to unimaginable heights.

If you are a coach who is looking for strategies to increase your stream of clients on a lean marketing budget Hustle Smart is an actionable guide that walks you through each step with detailed clarity.

Detailed Business Plan Guide
Legalities Of Running A Coaching Business
Social Media + SEO Strategies
Guide To ClubHouse
Online Visibility
Client Engagement
Branding Of Your Coaching Business
How To Make Consistent Sales
and MORE!

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