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Going it alone as an entrepreneur, author, podcaster, or creative can be defeating.  The Mediacasters is a community of like-minded people who support and uplift.  We rise by lifting others! Join today at no charge (EVER).

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We are a community of entrepreneurs, creatives, authors, podcasters, and people looking to grow and scale our brands. We help impactful voices accelerate their journey. Joining our community is free!

Julie Lokun, JD, and Corinna Bellizzi, MBA joined forces to kick off The Mediacasters (formerly Femcasters) to leverage the power of their collective knowledge in “The 3-P’s” of podcasting, publishing, and public speaking. Combining this secret sauce with the magic of a thriving community The Mediacasters mission is to crash through glass ceilings as we elevate the voices of inspired individuals around the globe. 


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This is a practical guide to getting started in podcasting. Great advice, wonderful stories from pros in the field. I’ve been podcasting for 2 years and I found valuable info in this book to improve my work. This is better than a “Dummies” book, and contains up to date insight on content and technology. Get the book and follow these two pros!

Rear Admiral Garry E. Hall, Former Security Advisor To The President